About Us.

At Balance Back Chiropractor we love to help our patients find a balance between  feeling great and moving through the demands of their life with ease.

We commonly see patients with lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, headaches, arthritis and those suffering sports injuries. In addition, many people seek a Chiropractor for health maintenance, improved posture, preventative spinal care and general well being. 

Balance Back Chiropractor also offers quality pregnancy care, supporting women before, during and after pregnancy. Dr Brad Jones has extensive knowledge and training in paediatrics and many parents bring their children and babies to the clinic for gentle corrective Chiropractic care.

Children or adults with learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems can also benefit with tailored treatments aim at improving the functions of the patients body.

Soft Tissue therapy

Including massage, active release therapy and trigger point therapy

Chiropratic Therapy

Manual (hands on) chiropractic treatment or Gentle low force chiropractic treatments


Applied Kinesiology

Dietary & Nutritional Advice

Dietary and nutritional advice aligned to the patients biochemical makeup.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that aims to correct skeletal alignment and therefore improve movement of the body. With poor skeletal alignment, the nerves of the body will become irritated and the electrical messages sent from the brain to the rest of the body will not pass correctly. Pain and or ill health will follow.

Why are electrical nerve messages important?

The brain, spinal cord and nerves make up the nervous system. The nervous system controls and regulates all of the functions in the whole body including the healing process. For a healthy body we need these nerve messages to pass freely throughout the body and Chiropractic adjustments aims to help this and speed the healing process. Chiropractors know that pressure and irritation of the nerves combined with reduced skeletal movement allows greater perception of pain to be felt by the brain.

What does a Chiropractic treatment Consist of?

Chiropractic uses gentle hands on corrections called adjustments. Sometimes audible pop sounds can be herd (not always) as gas is released into the joint space. Chiropractic takes a whole body approach to health that usually involves correcting spinal alignment as a focus point. A typical Adjustment session may involve specific soft tissue releases and peripheral manipulations to balance the body.

Why do we need Chiropractic?

To reduce the stress on the nervous system! Each and every one of us is exposed to lifestyle stress. Chiropractic knows that lifestyle stress will cause skeletal alignment to become unbalanced and joint movement to reduce. Lifestyle stress is physical stress (slips, accidents, work posture) combined with chemical stress (diet, toxins) combined with emotional stress (financial, workplace, family). Everybody is exposed to differing elements of stress and the effects this has on the human body in unique to each individual. Chiropractors assess and correct many imbalances caused due to stress on the body.

Have you ever had your body checked or assessed by a chiropractor?

What is Kinesiology?

We here at Balance Back Chiropractor, believe that the body has innate healing and is doing its best to care for itself, but sometimes needs assistance to achieve this state.  That is where kinesiology is able to play a key part with identifying imbalances in the body by use of muscle testing.   The body’s structural, chemical, emotional or other energetic needs can be established.  Kinesiology can determine the body’s priority healing needs, and to evaluate energy changes brought about by a broad spectrum of both manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures.

Our Team

Dr. Brad Jones
Kinesiologist, Chiropractor

Dr Brad Jones has over 17 years of clinical experience applying the art of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology. He specialises in all ages of care from pre/post natal and newborns, children, adults and the matured people.


Since having his first adjustment as a teenager, Brad has been fascinated with how the human body functions and heals with the help of chiropractic! Brad has passionately devoted the rest of his teenage and adult life to understanding the innate healing capacity of the human body and striving to perfect the art of facilitating optimal nervous system connection between the brain and body – Which is essentially what Chiropractic does!


Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Retained Neonatal Reflexes (primitive reflexes), Neuro Emotional Techniques and Functional/Integrative Nutrition are just some of the methods Brad uses to uncover these disconnections. To reconnect and bring Balance Back to people, Brad uses gentle, safe and effective techniques – crafted from his many years of experience.


Brad has a keen interest in sports performance and related injuries and has worked with many elite and high-level athletes achieving amazing results. Brad loves seeing children grow into the best individuals they can be and has spent a year training under one of the best paediatric applied kinesiology practitioners in the world, which has allowed him to find and correct many behavioural and development disorders that can hold children back from learning and performing at their best. Brad acknowledges there is not enough awareness about how essential it is for newborns and children to have their spines assessed for functional neurological disconnections.

Throughout the past 17 years, Brad has travelled and worked in various countries and taken a journey of personal understanding and realisation. Brad is compassionate to cultural and geographical differences that can affect human bodies and is empathetic to your needs, providing a safe space for you to be yourself and allow healing to occur.


Outside from clinical practice, Brad enjoys the best of what the Gold Coast lifestyle offers; sun; sea and rainforest. He can be seen surfing the gold coasts best beaches, running along the glitter strip, hiking in the hinterland, mellowing out in our many amazing yoga or Pilates studios or even dancing some salsa and jive. Diet and nutrition are high on Brad’s values and he often incorporates he’s understandings into he’s treatment modalities when indicated.


“I am privileged and grateful to serve so many amazing Gold Coast families! Together we will model the way for our community to live a happy, healthy and loving life!!”

Dr. Brad Jones

Kinesiologist, Chiropractor

What People Says About Us.

Brad is an amazing chiro, felt relief on my neck after just one session. He was very welcoming and his knowledge is unbelievable. Definitely recommending him to every one!!

Great Chiropractor. Dr Brad has helped my low back pain so much. I work as a bricky and was constantly in pain, until I started seeing Brad. Reliable, honest and genuine.

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