Germs cause disease…. Not in my body!

Does a germ cause disease?  Does a cricket bat cause violence?

Both are similar statements, many may have different responses but when you look at the question and refrain from over interpreting it, the answer to both is no.

Of course, there are possibilities to both if and only if other circumstances fall into place, but there is no cause from either.


Being a health blog, I will focus on the first question.


No germ (eg virus) causes disease. It can be a catalyst for disease but only if a few  circumstances occur inside the human body.

  1. It comes into contact with a human,
  2. There is sufficient number of virus
  3. the human bodies defenses cannot stop the virus proliferating


All the above takes time. Being intuitive to your body and understanding when it is run down, immune suppressed and fatigued can be advantageous to being proactive towards germ defense!

Rest, clean air/environment, supportive nutrition and water and a well functioning nervous system are all traits to a supported immune system.


A balance check at Balance Back Chiropractor will help assist your nervous system to flow effectively and our applied kinesiology will identify any nutritional deficiencies that may exist.


Stay healthy, be healthy or become healthy at Balance back Chiropractor.