Health – Are we there yet?

The School holidays have arrived, Children are excited, and parents put on their juggling hats and find balance with work and family. Some may get the chance to hit the road and take a vacation!

The frantic packing process has concluded, the car is full of clutter and kids and the journey begins…..

Not long out on the road – that famous cry emerges…Are we there yet???

Further into the trip after many eye spy games and ipad movies watched, the next cry emerges…. I’m hungry!!!!


How do parents cope? Do you give in or go for your goals and reach the designated town for the food stop? Where do you stop? What do you choose? Or do your kids choose?


Planning is important, but sometimes a car must deviate for unexpected toilet stops!


Life is like a road trip. We frantically get “busy” jamming everything into our boot (brains). Organising all areas of our bodies to align to the common goal of being somewhere on time – just like getting the kids organized and settled. So what do we do, or better still choose, when the cry from the back comes??

I’m hungry? Do we choose or do let our stomachs choose? Do we take MacDonald’s because its fast and easy or do we plan to eat at a nutritionally more rewarding stop?

Are we there yet? Do we ignore the mutter inside our heads and get frustrated as the journey continues? Or do we give attention to the noise and become present to what needs aren’t being met?


Just like a family vacation, life’s challenges persist. How we deal with these challenges and act accordingly can determine how well we travel further into the future! In health, there is no destination. Humans constantly evolve. Cell by cell (and there’s estimated to be about 100 trillion in the makeup of the human body) we are continually degrading and regenerating new life. Cells die and new identical cells replace. So in a world of change and in a body of change – could we ever really ask the question am I fixed? Healed? Recovered? Repaired?

More to the point, are we there yet?


At Balance Back Chiropractor, the team understands the pain and symptoms that bodies bear in life, but to focus on these as your only questions to answer when we choose to be healthy – one must look at what question they are asking. Maybe if the focus is only on symptoms and recovery, whilst ignoring that all of life is a health journey – one should ask the question: Death – Are we there yet?