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Initial Consultation includes first Chiropractic treatment!

Postural exam, Neurological exam, Orthopaedic exam, Chiropractic exam.

$100 Adults

 $90 Students and Children

Regular Chiropractic adjustment  

$60 Adults

 $45 Students and Children


EFTPOS – Card or cash is accepted  

HICAPS facilities for immediate Health Insurance reductions. 

MEDICARE EPC programmes are also accepted with a GP referral letter.

DVA clients are welcomed with a GP referral letter.

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What We Do

 What To Expect


First visit

Here at Balance Back Chiropractic, we want to get to the root of any health issues you may be experiencing. That is why we like to do a thorough examination, discuss your health issues and assess how chiropractic care can bring more vitality to your life and help you get your balance back. Initial consultations range from 30– 45mins, as we want to make sure we have communicated what we are doing and why, and address any concerns you may have before we move onto the second visit.  

Depending on your specific condition, we may advise you to get X-rays. X-Rays helps give us a clear picture of any serious spinal conditions and develop the most appropriate treatment process.  

If you would like to get a jump-start on the process, you can download the New Patient Form and bring it with you, otherwise you can fill it out when you arrive.  

Chiropractic treatment can be provided on the initial visit as long once it is deemed safe and appropriate by the chiropractor.


Second Visit

Dr. Brad Jones will conduct the report of findings on the second visit. Taking into consideration your health history, examination results, X-ray findings and your own personal goals you want achieve from care, Dr. Brad Jones will discuss a detailed treatment plan to guide and assist you back to good health.  

Dr. Brad Jones will then answer any further questions about your treatment including frequency of care, cost involved.

Should your condition require referring to another practitioner, we work with many modalities on the Gold Coast and will notify you at the report visit. 

A treatment will be provided after the report to begin the rebalancing process.  This is the start of your regular visits.  

Regular Visits

Regular visits involve implementing your detailed treatment plan by using Applied Kinesiology to efficiently find where your body is out of balance. Like building muscle strength, each visit builds on the previous visits. This helps create a strong foundation for long term postural and functional change in your body. Although most of our clients experience dramatic pain improvement within the first few visits, reconditioning and balancing the body takes time and functional change and healing will be most effective when following the chiropractors wellbeing advice.

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Balance Back Chiropractor to book your appointment today.  

If you have any questions or queries aboutt how we can help, please get in contact and see what a difference we can make for you.

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275 Jefferson Lane, Palm Beach Qld 4221