What Is Living?

Are we deceived?

Are we ignorant?

Are we stupid?


The modern day human lives a complicated life. Well that’s the way it seems.

Life in essence is as simple as waking, moving, breathing, eating, drinking and sleeping again. Put on repeat, this is life. Everything in between of this is just “stuff”.


So isn’t this stuff important? Well it can be seen or made to look significant, but in terms of living – no, it’s not important. Relationships, Work, children, holidays…all seem valid parts of life – but neither are necessary to living.


So surely kids are important! Well yes, they are significant in life without a doubt, especially if you are blessed to have children and grandchildren etc. But the only important fact of having children is ensuring they are supported so they can do life’s simple things – wake, move, breathe, eat, drink and sleep.

So where am I going here?

Well as significant as life’s significant “stuff’’s” are. None are necessary for living. You can live without a job, live without a car, a child, a holiday etc. But one cant live without sleeping or eating or moving or breathing.


Bring a new level of significance?


The important things in life are just that. Eating, sleeping, breathing and moving!


How well you live can be directly proportionate to how well you do these four things!


When was the last time you focused and invested into these four things?

Do you save for a holiday, save for a child’s education at a prestigious school or focus on work 24/7? These are great things, but did you focus on the food you ate yesterday? Or focus on your breathing just for a minute in the past week? Or establish ways to enhance the flow of nerve flow around your body so you can move efficiently and effectively?


At Balance Back Chiropractor, the team focuses on assisting you and the important things in life to get “Back into Balance”.


Whatever your significances, understand life is important because of four simple things – If done well – extraordinary lives are lived!